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Having an up close and personal look into the life and mind of someone who's doing what you desire is the ultimate goal. This can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes in your real estate career and move in the right direction. There may even be laughs included!

I've been in real estate for more than a decade now, and I've seen it all! Fortunately for you, I kept a diary of my personal experiences. Join me on my real estate journey from class to closings as I share the ups, downs, and how I was able to become an award-winning and top-producing real estate agent.

Whether you are just embarking on your real estate career or you are a seasoned agent who is not new to the industry, there is something for everyone to learn!


You'll be able to pinpoint your strengths and growth areas as well as identify the keys you'll need to become a top-producing and successful real estate agent.

"Tabitha combines her real estate expertise with personal diary entries to enlighten others on how to build a successful career as a real estate agent. The book is based on real-life stories and incorporates animated versions of Tabitha and visuals to help portray what happens inside the mind of a successful real estate agent. It is a must read for anyone aspiring to get into real estate or already in their career!" 

~ India J.

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