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Provided by Tabitha Caver, Broker Associate of the Icon Luxury Group Brokered by eXp Realty

Improving Lives. Transforming Spaces.

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HGTV House Hunters

Season 246, Episode 9

East vs. West Atlanta

Feb. 24

10:00pm | 9:00c

With an unexpected third child on the way, a family needs a new house fast in Atlanta. One wants to stay on the East side and splurge on a Colonial that feels homey, but the other wants to move to the West side so they can spend less.

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Tabitha Caver,
First Lady of Real Estate

As the First Lady of Real Estate, what truly resonates with me is the profound joy of waking up each day to engage in work that I’m not only passionate about but also a fundamental belief—the belief in the transformative power of home. I hold fast to the idea that within the intimate embrace of our homes, the human heart takes shape, forming the very essence of our being. It is this unwavering belief that propels my mission: the belief that every individual deserves not just a house but a haven where they authentically feel at home.


This belief, constituting my “Why,” serves as the guiding force behind my endeavors in real estate and home design. It is not merely a statement but a philosophy that shapes every interaction and decision, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between our well-being, the spaces we inhabit, and the people we have community with.


In my capacity as a real estate advisor and industry leader, my approach is multifaceted—I don’t merely facilitate transactions; I embark on a journey to empower, equip, and inspire. Empowerment, to me, is the invaluable gift of knowledge, granting individuals the ability to make informed decisions regarding their homes and futures. Equipping involves providing access to the finest resources, ensuring that the process of finding or creating a home is not just smooth but tailored to meet unique needs. Inspiration, the crowning element, extends beyond the physical structure—it’s about instilling a sense of community and action wherever individuals choose to call home.


In essence, my value is not merely a professional strategy; it’s a reflection of my steadfast commitment to creating a positive impact in the lives of those I serve. Through empowerment, equipping, and inspiration, my aim is to redefine the real estate experience, transforming it into a journey that goes beyond the transactional, helping individuals find not just a house but a genuine home and a community where their lives can flourish.

All that I have accomplished in real estate is because of hard work, purpose, faith, community, and my family. In recent years, I have become a real estate broker, top producer, million-dollar club member, and featured on several TV shows across two different TV networks. And I believe that the best is still yet to come!

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from personal diary entries to keys on becoming a successful real estate agent 

Real People. Real Experiences. Real Results.

I would definitely recommend Tabitha Caver to all my friends and family for their real estate needs. This is my second time working with Tabitha, and she delivered exceptional service and surpassed my expectations per usual...

James Chisley

Always a pleasure working with Tabitha. She fights for her clients to get them what THEY desire.

Valario White Jr.

She was a lioness who saved the deal right before the closing. I was ready to walk away, but her kindness and patience and a 3 hour conversation helped me go through one of the best decisions of my life. 

Steven Austin

Tabitha Caver did an excellent job on making sure she helped me look for homes in my budget. She sent me a list of homes daily, which informed me she paid close attention to home styles I was interested in. That stood out a lot in my eyes. I would highly recommend Tabitha's services to family and friends because she is very informative as well as hard working...

Earlisha L. Tate

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